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�r' Town of Reading HEC EIVE0 <br />a Meeting Minutes TOWN CLERK <br />i� F "A'1 Nr-. h"A. <br />a„Kon>°°� <br />pAe— <br />Board - committee - Commission - Council: 21322 SEP -9 AH 10 34 <br />Board of Health <br />Date: 2022-08-04 Time: 7:00 PM <br />Building: Location: <br />Address: Session: Open Session <br />Purpose: Open Session - Remote Meeting Version: Final <br />Attendees: Members - Present: <br />Chair Richard Lopez, Vice Chair Kerry Dunnell, Paula Curren; Associate <br />Members: Geri Cramer, Kevin Sexton <br />Members - Not Present: <br />Others Present: <br />Public Health Director Ade Solarin, Michele Stowell, Ray Warren, Jackie <br />McCarthy, Brian Stowell, Bob, Climate Advisory Chair David Zeek <br />Minutes Respectfully Submitted By: Jacquelyn La Verde <br />Topics of Discussion: <br />This meeting was held remotely via Zoom. <br />Chair Richard Lopez called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and reviewed the evening's <br />agenda. <br />Paula Curren asked if the Board should discuss the current monkeypox outbreak. Dr. Lopez <br />stated that can be discussed during the nurse's report. Public Health Director Ade Solarin <br />noted that the CDC is expected to declare an emergency shortly and that there is <br />Information about it on the Town website. <br />Minutes from July 7. 2022 <br />On a motion by Dr. Lopez, and seconded by Ms. Curren, the Board of Health voted <br />3-0-0 to approve the meeting minutes of July 7, 2022. <br />Roll call vote: Kerry Dunnell — Yes, Paula Curren — Yes, Richard Lopez — Yes. <br />Reauest for Variance — 34 Hartshorn Street <br />Public Health Director Ade Solarin reviewed the request for a variance at 34 Hartshorn <br />Street. The owners complied with an initial order and corrected the violations. However, <br />upon returning for an inspection, the backyard was unrecognizable with overgrown <br />vegetation and unkept shrubs. A subsequent order letter was sent on June 21K to have <br />those violations corrected. They were given 14 days to cut down the overgrowth, remove <br />tall grasses, weeds, unkept shrubs, unwanted plants, and eliminate all nuisance conditions, <br />and maintain the property in a manner that will prevent rodent, Insect, or pest harborage. <br />They were also ordered to submit a management plan that addresses upkeep of lawn, <br />shrubbery, and landscape features, and ensures the property will be maintained in a clean <br />and sanitary manner. The property was inspected yesterday, and Mr. Solarin noted there <br />was significant Improvement in Its condition. The owners submitted a plan that they intend <br />to maintain the yard, but Mr. Solarin stated that he does not have the confidence that the <br />Page I I <br />