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Mr. Halsey noted the board has been getting quite a few emails from convenient stores and <br /> gas stations requesting the town create a beer and wine package store license. He thinks <br /> this should go on a future agenda for the board to discuss. He also mentioned Camille , <br /> Anthony and how her work here in Reading is legendary. <br /> Ms. Alvarado also noted Camille Anthony urged her to run for Select Board and a big reason <br /> she is here today. She explained the Rec Committee is looking at requests for earlier start <br /> times on Sunday. She believes this is a good topic for a future agenda. <br /> Mr. Friedmann commented Camille Anthony was truly a great person. Reading 375 had <br /> another successful trivia night. He also would like to nominate Ms. Alvarado to give the <br /> report to Town Meeting on the RMLD Instructional Motion. The board had no objections to <br /> that. <br /> Town Manager's Report <br /> Mr. LeLacheur gave a quick background on the history of liquor licenses in town mostly <br /> noting that if the board wanted to create a beer and wine package store license it would <br /> have to go to Town Meeting and the voters to decide. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Mr. Brown noted they still need to fill the Custodian of Solider and Sailors graves volunteer <br /> opening but noted the cemetery department and volunteers will make sure the markers are <br /> out for Memorial Day ceremonies. <br /> Nancy Docktor noted her concerns about the requests for beer and wine package store <br /> licenses stating that Is public safety and health concerns and thinks RCASA should be <br /> consulted and have a say in this matter as well. She also asked again if Deputy Chief Clark's <br /> salary was increased when he took over. <br /> Minutes ' <br /> Ms. Alvarado moved that the board approve the meeting minutes from February <br /> 13th, 2019 as amended. The motion was seconded by Mr. Halsey and approved <br /> with a 5-0 vote. <br /> Appoint Town Accountant <br /> The Charter requires the Town Accountant to be appointed on a yearly basis to be done in <br /> March and effective July ln. <br /> The board unanimously agreed Sharon Angstrom is great and should be reappointed. <br /> Ms. Alvarado moved that the Board appoint Sharon Angstrom as Town Accountant <br /> for a term expiring June 30, 2020, consistent with the requirements of Reading <br /> Home Rule Charter Article 6.3. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ensminger and <br /> approved with a 5-0 vote. <br /> Change in Beneficial Interest <br /> The town received a request from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for a change in beneficial <br /> interest. This has to go before the board because they hold an annual all alcoholic <br /> beverages license. There will be no change in management or the day-to-day operations. <br /> The Police Department has no concerns regarding this matter. <br /> Ms. Alvarado moved that the Board approve the change in beneficial interest for an <br /> Annual All Alcohol Liquor License, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, at 48 Walkers Brook <br /> Drive, as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Halsey and approved with a 5-0 <br /> vote. <br /> Hearing - Haverhill Street Speed Limit Reduction <br /> Deputy Chief Clark, Safety Officer Scouten and Lt. Amendola were present to address the board <br /> in this hearing. <br /> Page 1 2 <br />